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It's not just you. It is getting harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight, have enough energy to get through the day and keep our immune systems functioning optimally. 


The question is: What is causing it for you? Is it your changing hormones? The toxic environment? An underlying chronic infection? Or just a micronutrient deficiency that you can correct with diet and some vitamins?


Wouldn't it be great to get crystal clear on what is going on inside your body, mind and spirit so you know how to focus your efforts on the root cause for the fastest results?


I use the Cell Blueprint assessment tool developed by Dr. Bryan Walsh of Metabolic Fitness to help identify your top health priorities. This simple but sophisticated diagnostic questionnaire is based on top, peer-reviewed scientific literature spanning multiple body systems, conditions and physical and emotional health. The Cell Blueprint has helped hundreds of practitioners help thousands of clients understand the root causes of their symptoms and get onto their paths of recovery and healing.  



When you request an appointment time, you will be directed to your Cell Blueprint survey to complete prior to submitting your request for a session.  There are 30 Multiple Choice scores that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes max.


Take your time and answer each question carefully based your experience over the last 30 Days. Some questions may seem like repeats, but some symptoms can show up for multiple systems and the slight wording differences are based on the scientific research currently available.



For your reading, give yourself a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be interrupted for up to one hour – most readings last about 45 minutes. It’s a great idea to have some water or tea to drink. You can take notes if you enjoy it, but you are also welcome to sit back and just be present for the experience.  You will receive detailed notes included in your NourishMap Report along with your Cell Blueprint results. I will guide you through some grounding exercises before sharing your results and explaining how your scores fit together to form your nourishmap path ~ the most efficient route from where you are now to the body and life you want to live in!



You will receive your custom NourishMap Report detailing your top cellular health priorities, notes from your intuitive body scan and health goals, and a few ways that you can take action based on your specific results.


You have the opportunity to use this information as you work on your own, with another health professional or with me in a personalized coaching program.


I am so excited for you to experience this clarity around your evolving health! Knowing truly is half the battle. 


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The Nourishmap


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