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Hi! My name is Kelly Hoogenakker and I founded Fresh Ground Health in 2008 to help women in their 40s and 50s optimize their most precious asset - their Health!

My entry point into health started with a deep, deep love of food. I love cooking and I especially love sharing and enjoying food with my friends and family. From growing up with ‘foodie’ parents in the south, to moving to Chicago for college, food was always way cooler than just calories and macronutrients. But I discovered early on that my system was a bit more sensitive to certain foods. My healing journey has taken me through chronic constipation, gluten and dairy sensitivities and then Lyme disease over the decades. As I navigated each of these challenges, practicing deep listening to my body was the first step to healing.

Over the years, learning how to listen to the body and interpret the signs, signals and symptoms has been the basis of my training as a health coach. Learning how to interpret cravings, blood chemistry results and symptoms of cellular dysfunction are all different ways of listening deeply to what the body is saying. Knowing how environmental toxins can disrupt and damage our cellular and hormonal health has given me another lens through which to understand what is happening in the body.

I’ve worked as a health coach for over 15 years and I love helping clients to better understand what their bodies are telling them and how to support their bodies holistically through upgraded food choices, thoughtful supplements and lifestyle shifts.

I am a mom to two amazing humans and one very athletic dog. I’m equally fascinated by scientific discoveries and woo-woo wonder about all the things that science just can’t explain yet; like the placebo effect and energy medicine, like synchronicity and spontaneous healing. I love exploring seeming contradictions and finding hidden truths there.

holistic health coach + energy healer

Some of the study and teachers that have influenced me and my work over the years are:


  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition, certification in Holistic Health Coaching 2008

  • Environmental Toxins with Lara Adler

  • Transformational Coaching Method, Holistic MBA

  • Bengston Method Energy Healing with Bill Bengston

  • Medical Medium books and materials

  • The Cell Blueprint*

  • Nutritional Biochemistry*

  • Functional Physiology*

  • Blood Chemistry Interpretation*


*with Drs. Bryan & Julie Walsh, Metabolic Fitness

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