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Hi everyone!

Just like you, I’ve been greatly impacted by the events of 2020, personally, professionally and spiritually.  As the public discussion became increasingly focused on health like never before, I felt a growing level of responsibility to step more fully into my calling as a health coach and healer and share the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained over the years.

You see, I’ve been studying health for decades. The body naturally wants to heal itself. There are things we can do to support that process and there are so many ways in which the body can get weighed down, overloaded and unable to heal. The human body fascinates me. Even when I’m not actively working with a client, I can’t help myself from reading the latest research or enrolling in another course – whether it’s about energy healing or advance blood chemistry analysis or traditional herbal medicine.

In 2020, we all experienced the effects (directly or indirectly) of a pandemic that exploited our already ‘sick and tired’ population (labeled ‘co-morbidities’).  The United States (and other affluent countries) have seen rising epidemics of obesity, heart disease, immune dysregulation and cognitive decline, among other diseases, for decades. Over half of Americans suffer poor health outcomes while we pay top dollar for a healthcare system that profits more from our illness than our wellness. But we can learn from this experience and we can choose a different path.

Fresh Ground Health is currently getting an overhaul on branding, website and service offerings while I continue my education at The Herbal Academy and in the master program at Metabolic Fitness with Drs. Bryan & Julie Walsh. I am tremendously excited to apply the benefit of the latest scientific research supporting human wellness and vitality combined with the ancient wisdom and healing traditions of herbal medicine to my health coaching practice for you and your family!

New client offerings will be available very soon. Sign up here to be first in line.

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